Exterior Photo Of Carmel Green Lantern Inn - Carmel Green Lantern Inn At the Carmel Green Lantern Inn, we have been welcoming guests for over 88 years and proudly maintain the rustic and quaint feel that the area is known for. After all, our inn has had the same telephone and post box numbers since it opened. Our 17 spacious rooms are divided among six cottages, each with their own unique charm, and retain the original tree-themed names given to them by the original owners.

We are conveniently located less than a ½ mile from Pebble Beach / 17-Mile Drive, home to the famous Pebble Beach Golf Links, and 10 minutes to Monterey’s Cannery Row, famous for kayaking and scuba diving.

Our History

Carmel-by-the-Sea is a town known for its old-world “village” way of life. There are no sidewalks outside of Ocean Street, no streetlights, and no individual addresses since everyone has a post box. William Billinger was interested in creating a local inn at Carmel-by-the-Sea and built a series of six unique cottages for this purpose in 1927. He and his wife Ana ran the inn until 1947, and then they sold the property to Robert and Lenore Weaver.

The Weavers owned Carmel Green Lantern Inn until 1952, then it passed through a cast of different owners including Dorothy van Sickle, Forrest and Lorraine Lackland, William and Ginette Bekker, and Herb Johnson. Since late 2014, the Inn has been owned & operated by local family with plans to upgrade while continuing to provide the quaint, charming, seasise retreat that Carmel Green Lantern Inn has been known for over the years.

Call us and learn how you can enjoy a peaceful and serene getaway at the Carmel Green Lantern Inn.

Exterior Photo Of Cottage At Carmel Green Lantern Inn - Carmel Green Lantern InnEach room retains its original name given by the Billingers. Holly, Pine, Oak, Palm, Knotty Pine, Birch, Cedar, Laurel, Walnut, Maple, Elm, Evergreen, Magnolia, Spruce, Willow, Cypress and Redwood.
In Carmel there are no sidewalks outside of the main street Ocean, no street lights and no addresses on individual houses, everyone has a p.o box. Carmel’s founders wanted to preserve the spirit of a ‘village’.

The Inn has had the same telephone and P.O box number since we opened in 1927.

Making Memories at Carmel Green Lantern Inn

Photo Of Mr. Spicer, Visiting Carmel Inn Since 1957 - Carmel Green Lantern InnMr. Spicer (pictured right) has been coming to the Green Lantern since 1957. Mr. Spicer and his father Spike came down every year to attend golf tournaments starting with the Crosby.

He said “It became part of the tournament to stay at the Green Lantern”. He had a number of entertaining stories about Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and Arnold Palmer.

His favorite being “ Bing Crosby was leaving a party but realized he could not drive, so he had his cousin take him home, which was on the 13th hole on Pebble. Of course the kid is swerving all over and a cop pulls him over and asks ‘why is this 14 year old driving?’ to which Bing replies ‘he’s all we got”.

The golf tournaments are what first brought Mr. Spicer to us and the charm of the Green Lantern has kept him coming back. Since then Mr. Spicer has returned to stay with us over the years making many lasting memories with his family at The Green Lantern.

Note from guest

“We first stayed at the Green Lantern in 1928 on a house party. I’ve stayed several times thereafter throughout the thirties and after the war. It has always been most hospitable and great.
Gertrude Williams (Mrs. Harry)”

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